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About Us

Who We Are

"Of methods there are many, but of principals there are few." 

-- Harrington Emerson

Travel baseball is a $9 billion-dollar a year business. 

The Patriots are different. We're proud to be an affordable, community-based academy that offers players from a variety of local leagues an opportunity for higher-level athletic and baseball skill development.  

We're not a business.  We are a non-profit.  Our coaches are volunteers, but all have years of experience playing and coaching. 

Youth Baseball should be accessible to every family, and we strive to keep costs low.

Here are a few of our guiding principles:

MVP builds athletes in a positive environment for players and families.  Baseball is hard. 

We develop transferable skills as players grow and move from youth-fields to adult-sized fields and from lower levels of competition to higher.

We help our athletes love the game, build skills for success in baseball and positive habits and character traits for success both on and off the field. 

We consider this "AP Baseball." There are different expectations because we are developing higher-level athletes. We expect our players to arrive mentally and physically ready to practice or play.

MVP Tenets:

Respect - Excellence - Compete - Hustle - Have Fun

The health of our youth athletes is paramount. MVP uses a variety of tools like MLB Pitch-Smart Guidelines to protect young arms and bodies, full stop.

We expect our managers, coaches and parents to conduct themselves in accordance with the NVTBL Code of Conduct. Period.  MLB isn't scouting your 10 year old. 

Volunteerism is expected. This is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We need team parents, help with the field prep, and on our spring and fall field maintenance days. 

Leave it better than you found it. Clean the dugouts, empty the trash cans after games, rake the field and reset bases/mounds to LL distances. If you see broken or missing equipment or supply issues, report it!

Communication is essential to a positive experience in youth sports. Use the 24-hour rule for concerns.

What We Do

MVP proudly offers NoVA youth athletes a NON-PROFIT travel program that is dedicated to advanced baseball and athletic development.

MVP is focused on our athlete's long-term success in baseball and life.  MVP coaches help players build skills that scale from the youth to adult-sized fields and teach positive habits and character traits that translate to success in life.

MVP competes by prioritizing the development of well-rounded baseball players over the long-term.

The MVP Way:

1/Build athletes in a positive environment for players and families. 

2/Help players achieve their baseball goals.

3/Develop leaders of character based on our core tenets:

Respect - Excellence - Compete - Hustle - Have Fun

Our youth athletes hail from all over Northern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, and every corner of Fairfax Country.  

If you want to learn more, contact


MVP typically conducts tryouts twice a year -- early November for Spring and in early Summer for Fall.   

Managers may always conduct individual tryouts at their discretion.

Please see the NVTBL Age Policy here.